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XT2100 X-ray CT Inspection System

TM XT2100 is a newly developed CT (Computed Tomography) inspection system developed by NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED. The system innovatively combines NUCTECH’s dual-energy material discrimination technology with the spiral CT technology together. With multidimensional information acquired by the system, it realizes automated explosives/liquid explosives/ narcotics detection and alarm with higher probability of detection and lower false alarm rate.

Designed with a larger tunnel size and a higher throughput, the XT2100 is an ideal security solution for airports, customs, stations, governmental buildings, public activities, etc.


Technical Features

  • Broadest Inspection Range
    Automated detection of various contraband like explosives, liquid explosives and narcotics, satisfying security needs for airports, customs, etc.
  • Exclusive Dual-Energy Material Discrimination Technology
    Discriminating different materials with higher probability of detection and lower false alarm rate approved by CAAC certification and have achieved the ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) for EDS (Explosives Detection System) Standard 3.
  • High-resolution 3D Images
    Inspecting objects in 360 degrees free of blind corners and identifying the contraband more easily with a more intuitive image.
  • Distinct CT Slice Images
    Easier to detect the contraband concealed in interlayers or placed in a particular angle.
  • Compatible and Integrated with any interface
    Customized design according to BHS manufacturer’s interface protocol, capable of integrating and communicating with any brand of BHS manufacturers.
  • Accurate and Abundant Color Information
    With the dual-energy CT technology, material information is acquired to colorize different materials with different colors in 3D images.
  • Powerful Network Management
    Realizing remote resolutions, operations and diagnoses and sharing the data between different areas with the help of cloud computing technology.
  • Unprecedentedly 3D TIP (Threat Image Projection) Function
    Overcoming the obstacle of TIP in 3D images and providing effective methods for training and evaluating operators.
  • Convenient Maintenance Design
    Modular design enables easy replacement of key components and convenient maintenance, reducing time and labor.
  • Practical Software Functions
    Exclusively providing 3D image processing functions such as 3D measurement, 3D mark, 3D super penetration, etc., helping making decisions more effectively and efficiently.


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