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Air Cargo Inspection System
The NUCTECHTM AC Series, an innovative air cargo inspection system, is especially designed to fully meet the needs and applications of air cargo transport. Compared with conventional air cargo scanners, AC Series adopts a high-energy Electron Linear Accelerator as its radiation source to obtain optimal X-ray geometry and outstanding image quality.
Binocular Stereoscopic Imaging (BSI) technology, Interlaced Dual Energy (IDE) technology and the latest Fast Interlaced Neutron/Dual-energy X-ray (FINDEX) technology are available for AC Series, which can help resolve image overlapping problem and realize material discrimination function. Especially, the latest Fast Interlaced Neutron/Dual-Energy X-ray (FINDEX) technology can extremely facilitate the detection of concealed contraband and other prohibited items. The application of FINDEX technology pushes the function of material discrimination to the acme.
Technical Features
  • Innovation air cargo security solution matches airport operation flow well
  • Automatic image optimization prior to presented
  • Easy adjustment of contrast, brightness and zoom
  • Detailed window helps better check the image in detail.
  • Large scanning tunnel, conveying smoothly and loading & unloading easily
  • Latest  FINDEX technology realizesmost powerful material discrimination function

Product Model
AC1000  AC6000  AC6000DE  AC6000BS  AC6015XN

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