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Customs Border Modernization
What it is
Based on infrastructure construction, port modernization simplifies and enhances current exit and entry process and clearance procedure to improve port clearance efficiency; combines advanced security technologies to strengthen the whole-process supervision for customs clearance, transportation and so on to make the clearance convenient, intelligent and fast ; employs risk perception and emergency disposal mechanism to check each “risk” and “abnormality” to reduce risks, restrain illegal trade, improve border clearance efficiency and finally promote overall national competitiveness.
Customs Value
  • Monitor Illegal Trade
    Centralized management and intelligent data analysis on national port data help to provide data for risk valuation and decision making to lower illegal trade level
  • Improve Clearance Efficiency
    Automatic management and control of ports simplify foreign trade process and improve clearance efficiency
  • Whole Monitoring on Personnel, Vehicles and Goods
    Establish operation and management mechanisms for personnel, vehicles and goods crossed at border inspection area , and employ a set of unified system to control all aspects
  • Enhance Integrity
    Informationize business management and minimize human intervention to enhance integrity of customs officials
Key Functions
System Structure

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