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Port Modernization
By strengthening and integrating the construction of port supporting service facilities, and following the principles of facilitating international trade, we design a convenient and standardized business process, and adopt an advanced port operation mode. This will allow us to put the concept of "one-stop" port clearance service into force, create a handy and efficient environment for customs clearance, and build a modern port that offers paperless customs clearance for import & export.

Nuctech port modernization solution—An appropriate solution may be proposed in line with the needs of port transformation or new port construction, in order to meet the modernization demands of different types of port or customs supervision sites.
Solution Overview

Solution to customs clearance of commodities

Solution to customs clearance of passengers


  • Complete Equipment and Facilities
    Provide a full set of supervision equipment and service facilities to dock with the command platform. The equipment is integrated with biometric identification, AI and other technologies, in order to strengthen supervision, improve efficiency, and alleviate the pressure of manual operation.
  • Reengineering of Process Optimization
    The standard procedures for customs clearance of passengers, as well as business solutions, may be customized in light of site conditions. While simplifying and improving the process, they are used to enhance the passengers' experience in customs clearance by combination with the on-site facilities. 
  • Information-based supervision
    Build an integrated command platform for customs clearance of passengers to provide system support for passenger clearance and emergency command. Then, dock this platform with all supervision equipment and facilities to achieve unified management and control
  • Intelligent Risk Prevention and Control
    Leverage Nuctech's AI, big data and video analysis technologies to realize automatic identification of high-risk passengers. Meanwhile, efficient inspection of luggage items is realized via intelligent examination equipment.
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