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Solution to State-level Customs Clearance Modernization
As a state-level customs clearance modernization system, ViSight is a unified national custom E-clearance processing platform, covering customs clearance business in a comprehensive manner. It can provide one-stop paper-free clearance business for customs and import & export enterprises. Besides, it can also effectively strengthen the customs' abilities to supervise cargoes, impose tariffs, and detect smuggling, in order to promote trade facilitation.
  • Full business coverage: It covers all business of customs clearance including import, export, transit transport and transshipment, realizing paperless management
  • Whole process supervision of customs clearance: It covers supervision of the entire process, including the record filing of enterprises, declaration, examination of documents, taxation, inspection and release
  • Full coverage of modes of transport: It covers all modes of transport, including air transport, maritime transport, railway transport, highway transport and river transport.
  • Full coverage of trade-related parties: It covers all sorts of customs clearance services for traders, carriers, freight forwarder and so forth.

Customer Value
  • By paperless customs clearance, full monitoring of business links, automatic risk management, and valuation management, we will impose strict crackdown on misrepresentation and concealment, reduce tax evasion and avoidance, improve customs supervision capability, and increase tax revenue of China.
  • Furthermore, we will facilitate trade and enhance the overall economic strength of China through declaration of unified standard, simplified business procedures, and reduction of costs of customs clearance
  • Moreover, by means of unified standards for law enforcement, and standardizing the practices of law enforcement, we will endeavor to reduce human factors, and make information transparent. This helps promote social equity and justice, create a fair trading environment, and improve China's investment climate.
  • For good measure, our unified data management and multi-dimensional statistical analysis are available for supporting trade macro decision, risk control, and policy evaluation.
  • Apart from that, international standards and data interconnectivity have been seamlessly integrated with the existing business system of customs in China, service system of other governmental agencies, Nuctech's solution and inspection system, to ensure the continuity and coordination of customs services.
  • The business process model based on UN/CEFACT standard, and the customs data model based on WCO standard meet WCO safe framework, GATT and UN/CEFACT trade facilitation agreement (TFA). They are conducive to realizing regional and international cross-border data exchange with other customs.
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