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Mobile Radiation Monitor
Nuctech Company Limited offers a series of mobile radiation monitors,including the handheld radionuclide identifier RM0100NA/NH, the vehicle mounted RM0600NH and the backpack RM0610NH, to detect radioactive materials in a passive way. The mobile series are capable of achieving radiation material detection and radionuclide identification with outstanding sensitivity and reliability.
A wide range of models with various detector configurations are designed to meet diverse applications. NaI(Tl) detector is available for detecting energy spectroscopy of Gamma rays. And optional neutron monitoring module can add the capability of detecting shielded Special Nuclear Material (SNM).
The mobile series radiation monitor can be applied in various fields such as customs, ports and environment monitoring applications. The smart handheld RM0100NA/NH is able to archive rapid positioning of radionuclide. The portable backpack type RM0610NH is capable of providing higher sensitivity in the detection process by being equipped with larger volume NaI detector. And the vehicle -mounted RM0600NH is equipped with the largest NaI detector among the mobile series and GPS module, capable of detecting large area at high speed and presenting the accuracy position.
Technical Features
  • High performance and sensitivity NaI gamma detector and He-3 neutron detector.
  • Source search, dose rate measurement and radionuclide identification modes
  • Reliable classification of SNM, NORM, medical and industrial radioactive materials.
  • Constant background updating and automatic gain stabilization.
  • Audible, visual and vibration alarm indication
  • Rugged design for operating under extremely adverse environmental conditions
  • Friendly user interface and easy to operate.
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