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Contactless Pupil Screening System
The NUCTECHTM Contactless Pupil Screening System is the long-distance contactless drug abuser screening product. The product adopts advanced detection algorithm, automatically collects the characteristics of drug abuse in the eyes of the inspected, and conducts comprehensive research and judgment in combination with body temperature, quickly giving the conclusion of whether the inspected is a suspected drug abuser. The product can effectively assist public security personnel to quickly screen out drug abusers in crowded places and maintain public safety.
Technical Features
  • Contactless, unaware;
  • High accuracy, low false alarm rates;
  • Pupil detection rate: ≥ 99%;
  • Out-of-the-box, no training required.
  • Automatically collect and measure pupils’ size without intrusion;
  • Low detection cost:Without additional auxiliary detection instrument and reagents;
  • Fast detection: The overall detection process less than 2 seconds;
  • All-In-One: Built-in LED lamps to avoid external light sources’interference;
  • Dual-mode detection: Standing mode and passing by mode to meet the requirements of various scenarios;
  • Built-in multiple high-definition infrared lenses to meet the detection needs of different heights;
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