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XT2080AD X-ray CT Inspection System
NUCTECHTM XT2080AD is a newly developed CT (Computed Tomography)inspection system developed by NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED. The system innovatively combines NUCTECH’s dual-energy material discrimination technology with the spiral CT technology together. With multidimensional information acquired by the system, it realizes automated explosives/liquid explosives/ narcotics detection and alarm with higher probability of detection and lower false alarm rate.
Designed with a larger tunnel size and a higher throughput, the XT2080AD is an ideal security solution for airports, customs, stations, governmental buildings, public activities, etc.

Technical Features
  • Broadest Inspection Range
    Automated detection of various contraband like explosives, liquid explosives and narcotics, satisfying security needs for airports, customs, etc.
  • Exclusive Dual-Energy Material Discrimination Technology
    Discriminating different materials with higher probability of detection and lower false alarm rate approved by CAAC certification and meet the requirements of ECAC standard 3 for EDS.
  • High-resolution 3D Images
    Inspecting objects in 360 degrees free of blind corners and identifying the contraband more easily with a more intuitive image.
  • Distinct CT Slice Images
    Easier to detect the contraband concealed in interlayers or placed in a particular angle.
  • Independent Dual-Energy Inspection System
    Generating high-resolution DR images and identifying tiny thin objects like matches and lighter cores.
  • Powerful Network Management
    Realizing remote resolutions, operations and diagnoses and sharing the data between different areas with the help of cloud computing technology.
  • Practical Software Functions
    Exclusively providing 3D image processing functions such as 3D measurement, 3D mark, 3D super penetration, etc., helping making decisions more effectively and efficiently.
  • Accurate and Abundant Color Information
    With the dual-energy CT technology, material information is acquired to colorize different materials with different colors in 3D images.
  • Unprecedentedly 3D TIP (Threat Image Projection) Function
    Overcoming the obstacle of TIP in 3D images and providing effective methods for training and evaluating operators.
  • Convenient Maintenance Design
    Modular design enables easy replacement of key components and convenient maintenance, reducing time and labor.
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