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FeverBlock Infrared Face Temperature Screening System
The NUCTECHTM infrared face temperature screening system FeverBlock combines infrared thermal imaging technology and visible light imaging technology in one, to fulfill a non-contact, large scene real-time temperature measurement and screening function. Based on deep learning algorithms which can accurately locate the face position and avoid interference from unrelated high temperature objects, the system can be used for rapid body temperature screening in various places. The system will automatically alert if abnormal body temperature is detected.
Application scenarios: Mainly used in public places with dense crowds of people, such as Airports, Subways, Bus stops, Ports, Schools, Hospitals, Hotel, Buildings, Supermarkets, etc.
Technical Features
  • Stable Intelligent temperature measurement
    Precisely locate human faces using deep learning algorithms to avoid the influence of irrelevant heat sources, and work stable while wearing a mask.Intelligent distance compensation, which greatly reduces the large fluctuations of ordinary infrared temperature measurement cameras when the distance changes.
  • High throughput without stopping
    FeverBlock enables no-sense temperature measurement of multiple people at the same time. People don’t have to stop and wait. The throughput is high, with more than 120 persons per minute. Measuring from a safe distance from 1m to 5m and no contact temperature measurement ensures very low risk of disease infection.
  • Accurate automatic temperature calibration
    Automatic temperature calibration according to the environment to achieve a high temperature measurement accuracy of ± 0.3 ℃, without manual operation.
  • Data Security
    Alarm data traceable, provide daily temperature data statistics and efficient epidemic management. Personal information with normal temperature will not be stored.
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