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WePass Smart Access Control System
By using facial infrared thermal imaging technology, the system achieves non-contact body temperature monitoring and detects temperature anomalies in real time. The system can accurately and efficiently screen out persons who have a fever, which improves the throughput of body temperature monitoring. The system can not only measure body temperature, but also integrates functions such as facial recognition & comparison, ID identification, and explosives and/or volatile flammable liquids detection. The system can be deployed at airports, railway stations, subway stations, hospitals and other densely populated areas.
Technical Features
  • Body temperature Monitoring:
    Independent R&D temperature measurement module enables body temperature detection quickly and accurately.
  • Contrabands detection:
    Detection of hidden explosives and volatile flammable liquid.
  • High compatibility:
    Integrating with information systems, CCTV systems, security inspection systems, to achieve real-time data sharing.
  • Modular design:
    Based on modular design concept, the system can be customized fulfilling different requirements.
  • Centralized remote control:
    Realizing centralized remote control to facilitate operation, management and maintenance。
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