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Customs Logistics Supervision Solution
Nuctech logistics supervision system has constructed a new mode of intelligent logistics supervision by use of the secure intelligent terminal developed on the basis of satellite positioning, mobile communication, Wi-Fi, RFID, data encryption and other technologies, and combination with the visual supervision platform developed based on GIS. This mode puts automatic perception of the positions and conditions of vehicles under supervision into reality, and avoids blind spots in the process of cargo supervision. Besides, it also realizes a complete supervision chain for the on-site monitoring, in-transit supervision, in-process abnormal disposal, as well as destination inspection & release of customs depots.
Customer Value
  • It realizes visualized supervision to raise the regulation capability.
  • It realizes sharing of supervision information to improve the transit efficiency.
  • It realizes supervision automation to cut down human cost.
  • Additionally, it raises the customs' response efficiency and ability to illegal acts, deters such acts, and avoids losses from tariffs.

Application scenarios

Solution Composition


  • Real-time regulation: real-time view of vehicle tracking and real-time monitoring of the status of goods.
  • Multi-dimensional alarm: automatic triggering of alarm of violations, including alarm of diverged route, alarm of forced unpacking, entry into forbidden area.
  • Electronic Fence: It is aimed to set a forbidden area, parking lot and other specific supervision zones.
  • Multi-dimensional Report: It contains multiple types of reports including route, alarm, inventory, and performance of supervisors.
  • App for patrol law enforcement: It promptly responses to violations, and helps the patrol track and dispose illegal vehicles, in order to improve their law enforcement ability.
  • Multiple supervision terminals: Multiple types of electronic locks suitable for container, bulk cargo, oil tank and train are developed to meet the individual supervision needs.
  • Intelligent Dispatching: It will give out an automatic early warning for low inventory of the customs lock at a site.
  • Long duration: duration of up to 10-15 days for an electronic customs lock each time.
  • Extreme environment: It can be used in high-temperature, alpine and other extreme environment, and adaptable to the cross-regional environment.
  • Third-party system integration: It can be connected with NII, CMS, SW and other systems to obtain supervision information.
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