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Customs Container Logistics Surveillance System
Nuctech logistics supervision is an integrated solution for real-time monitoring and managing vehicles/trains with goods in transit.
  • Intelligent logistics monitoring platform
    Real-time view of tracking, alarm of violations, multi-dimensional report analysis, equipment dispatching and management, and individual linkage command.
  • Secure and intelligent terminal


Data reporting

Positioning, environment (temperature, humidity), additional reporting of blind spots

Battery capacity

Rechargeable lithium battery 10,000mAH

Communication mode



Storage capabilities

Support large file storage, with 500M storage capacity

Operating temperature


Abnormal alarm


Anti-tampering, low battery, and illegal destruction, etc.

Protection grade


Customer Value
  • Transportation regulation: real-time view of tracking, and rapid response to such events as smuggling, forced unpacking, and illegal opening.
  • Efficient customs clearance: sharing of inspection information and smart linkage of checkpoints for improving customs clearance efficiency.
  • Special regulation: customized monitoring scheme for special items such as valuables and fragile items.
  • Reduced costs: optimizing such customs business process as cargo clearance, storage at bonded warehouse, and entry-exit to save the regulation costs for customs and transportation costs for enterprises.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time regulation: real-time view of vehicle tracking and real-time monitoring of the status of goods.
  • Multi-dimensional alarm: alarm of diverged route, alarm of forced unpacking, sensor alarm, and other multi-dimensional alarm
  • Multi-dimensional report: multi-dimensional analysis of violations, travel, and inventory 
  • Rich product line: a variety of intelligent security terminals
  • Image storage: support the storage of data and large files
  • Long duration: duration of up to 10-15 days each time
  • Extreme environment: used in heat, cold, and other extreme environments, and adapting to cross-regional environment

Application Scenarios

  • Customs transit and transit operations
  • Zone for special regulation (bonded area)
  • Other industries: the “Belt & Road” China-Europe freight train, petroleum and petrochemical, and bulk goods logistics


Used in countries along the “Belt and Road Initiatives” route including Thailand, Armenia, and Kazakhstan

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