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NCIP——Nuctech Cloud Inspect Platform
  • Dependence on manual operation
  • High rate of misjudgment
  • Low inspection rate
  • Lagged inspection
The above problems pose hazards to the prevention and investigation of smuggling at customs and to national economic security. Intelligent cloud inspection can provide an overall solution integrating intelligent analysis of inspection images, 100% fast inspection, and real-time processing of massive inspection tasks, thereby addressing the above problems.
Cloud computing + big data + inspection business + intelligent analysis = overall solution of intelligent cloud inspection
By using advanced cloud computing, big data, and intelligent image recognition technology, coupled with customs data, it builds a national customs inspection cloud platform, unifies the storage of massive multidimensional data, and supports the experience sharing of image inspection among users. The multi-modal analysis model based on total amount of data is built to allow for high-concurrency, real-time processing of massive inspection data. It realizes intelligent analysis of scanned images, which can effectively support 100% fast inspection of national customs.
Key Benefits
  • Unified storage of mass data
  • 100% coverage of inspection
  • Self-learning
  • Intelligent image analysis
  • Nationwide experience sharing of image reviewing
  • Centralized processing of multiple types of data
Application Scenarios
Overall solution of intelligent cloud inspection covers three levels and one field: national level, port level, and image inspector level and a training field.
Set up a national cloud inspection center, which automatically loads massive inspection tasks, realizes intelligent image inspection, and determines the risk levels. NCIP will intelligently mark the inspection tasks as “green”, “yellow”, or “red” risk level for on-site confirmation or control.
According to the actual circumstances of each border, NCIP provides personalized precise inspection of main import and export goods, or suspicious goods of high smuggling frequency.
NCIP, as an assisted image inspection expert, assists image inspectors in intelligent image analysis. For example, it determines the type of goods, compares the goods and bill of lading for consistency, retrieves standard images with the same image characteristics, identifies specific target suspects, and provides analysis conclusion and warning tips, so as to assist image analysis staffs to make efficient and accurate judgment.
Suit to ports, prisons, and borders which require cargo inspection through the use of container scanners.
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