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Nuctech Official Site

Security solutions for key facilities and core sites
Brief introduction
Based on such integrated security inspection means as large container/vehicle inspection, CT-type baggage inspection, body inspection, and explosives and liquid inspection, it adopts the current mainstream RFID, video equipment, positioning equipment, prevention and control devices, and biometric devices for specific regions, buildings, or organizations, etc., supported by integrated multi-information security regulatory platform. Through software/hardware integrated security program, it realizes the forecasting and prediction of warnings, visual command, and rapid response, thereby boosting security prevention and control capability in an all-round way.
  • Technical architecture adopting the Internet of Things;
  • Seamless connection of X-ray security inspection equipment for cargo, baggage, goods, and humans, etc.;
  • Compatible CCTV, access control, traffic control, and other security equipment, as well as environmental monitoring equipment;
  • Supporting desktop, web, and mobile-side operation, providing a unified user-friendly interface.

Customer value

  • Break down Information Island to achieve integrated application of a variety of data, and tap the potential value of data.
  • Implement unified communications between isolated systems for timely and accurate transmission of information, assisting efficient joint decision-making.
  • Offer an array of terminal accesses and provide unified presentation. It assists mobile regulation and realizes fast response.

Application scenarios   

  • Perimeter security monitoring
  • Indoor location and tracking
  • Entrance/exit security check
  • 360-degree video surveillance
  • Monitoring of regional environmental factors

Target customer groups

  • Airport
  • Port
  • Border defense
  • Prison
  • Chemical plant
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