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BS1000PA-T1 Walk-Through Temperature and Cellphone Detector
The NUCTECHTM BS1000PA-T1 Smart Walk-Through Temperature and Cellphone Detector is used for detecting cellphones and other electronic devices which is recently developed and manufactured by the Nuctech Company Limited.
The BS1000PA-T1 Smart Walk-Through Temperature and Cellphone Detector is highly accurate in body temperature detection to meet the needs of rapid measurement of body temperature. At the same time, it can effectively avoid the interference of daily carry-on items to accurately detect electronic items. It can be widely used at high-level security places such as national secret agencies, military buildings, prisons, correctional facilities, and secret-related enterprises.
Technical Features
  • Non-contact full body inspection and smart body temperature measurements
  • The detector is walk-through design. Taking off the shoes is not required. It can quickly detect the electronic devices on the body surface and take the body temperature accurately.
  • Powerful detection ability
  • It is able to detect the electronic devices concealed under clothing (such as cellphones, laptops, digital cameras and video cameras etc.)
  • Multiple alarm methods
  • It is equipped with audio and visual alarm, and can display the images and the names of the suspicious items. The images show the location of the contrabands on the human body.
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • It can effectively avoid interference of daily carry-on items such as watches, coins, glasses, magnets, belt buckles, keys, or other designated metal items.
  • Variable optional functions/ customization
  • According to customer requirements, other practical functions can be customized and integrated to meet the variable needs.
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