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Nuctech provided Tianjin Customs the automatic disinfection equipment
On June 11, 2020, in order to prevent the risk of the introduction of Covid-19 through imported cold chain food, the national customs immediately carried out Covid-19 monitoring on imported cold chain food. On July 3, Dalian Customs and Xiamen Customs had tested Covid-19 nucleic acid positive from imported Southeast White Shrimp packaging samples.
Faced with a large number of imported cold chain food, Tianjin Customs immediately established a project team with Nuctech, and required the development of equipment that can automatically and quickly disinfect cold chain food in all directions in the shortest time.
After 48 hours of communication and discussion, the project team worked out an overall plan for on-site disinfection of cold chain food on July 5, and Tianjin Customs ordered 10 sets of products. After the unremitting struggle of the Nuctech team, the first set of on-site automatic disinfection equipment--the cold chain tunnel omnidirectional disinfection system was installed and debugged at Tianjin Beitang Customs and put into use on July 12.
In order to allow multiple sites of Tianjin Customs to use the disinfection system as soon as possible, the Nuctech team did not have a rest and continued to work overtime. On August 5, Tianjin Customs completed the installation and commissioning of a total of 10 sets of equipment at multiple sites.