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EDI Adapter
EDI Adapter is used to connect NUCTECH Container/Vehicle Inspection System with Customs Business System or the 3rd party system, to share and interchange data, improve efficiency and break information isolated island.
Technical Features
  • Unify: Unified information interface for NUCTECH all series container /vehicle inspection system.
  • Visible: Visual User Interface makes configuration easy to understand and implement.
  • Rich: Multiple data exchange modes.
  • Flexible: Content fields of declaration can be flexibly customized according to user needs.
  • Easy to Deploy: Simple design and easy installation.
Main Functions
  • Data Interconnection: Integration with Customs Business (or third-party) System. Acquire declarations information and send scanned images/conclusions back.
  • Message Customization: Convenient interactive User Interface, provide a flexible way to configure electronic message data items.
  • Content Query: Provide query, easy for confirmation and preview.
  • Status Monitor: Connection status monitor.
  • Fault Diagnosis: Provide diagnostic capabilities, to facilitate the implementation of maintenance.
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