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Nuctech Kylin CT Baggage & Parcel Screening System Wins the Industrial Design Silver Award of the China Patent Award
Recently, the China National Intellectual Property Administration announced the winners for the 22nd China Patent Award. Nuctech’s submission of the baggage & parcel screening system (Kylin CT model) patented design was awarded the Industrial Design Silver Award. This is the first time for Nuctech to win a national award in the field of design patents. It is a powerful endorsement for Nuctech’s efforts on intellectual property and a strong recognition of Nuctech’s ability to independently develop designs for security products.

In a sea of security screening devices, how did Nuctech’s Kylin CT baggage/parcel screening system (hereinafter referred to as “Kylin”) design win a national award? What is so great about this design?
In 2020, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) issued the Guidelines for the Construction of Four Types of Airports, proposing that the construction of future airports should be “safe, green, smart and culture-oriented”. The design of modern airports has also shifted from meeting basic demands to offering diversified experiences such as being passenger-friendly, comfortable, technologically advanced, and health-oriented. Airports are now asking for security screening devices with better design.
A Combination of Square Shapes and Rounded Corners, Getting Free from Conventional Appearances
The new design of Nuctech Kylin made a shift from the legacy ring-shaped CT screening system design. The design concept moved away from the straightforward and simple functionalism to a “humanized design with emotions”. The look and feel of the finishing product is more delicate and inviting.

In the medical and security screening industries, most of CT technology-based devices adopt a ring-shaped design with the main part and the tunnel circular shape as well. Nuctech Kylin innovatively adopted the design concept of “playing with rounded corners and squares”. The main part of the device is trapezoidal in design, compact and small. Width of the device is much smaller than other products of the same category. Grey and white as the main colors, the device is classic in style and can fit effortlessly into various settings perfectly.
Application in Airports to Support the Construction of “Four Types of Airports”
Smart security screening accesses powered by Kylin and Key-Line can be found in customs checkpoints and airports at home and abroad. Our devices provide a fast, accurate, and comfortable security screening experience. We assist the construction of “four types of airports”, as categorized by CAAC, and the goal of improving efficiency for security screening with software and hardware level support.
A Globally Recognized Award-Winning Product
As one of Nuctech’s best-selling products, Kylin CT baggage & parcel screening system has won countless awards. In addition to the Industrial Design Silver Award of the China Patent Award, it has also won the 2019 Poland Best Product Award. Kylin received ECAC EDSCB C3 approval, the highest standard that the ECAC has for carry-on baggage screening technologies. Patent “CT System and Detection Device for CT System”, which was filed by Nuctech and Tsinghua University, won the First Prize of the Fifth Beijing Invention and Patent Award.

As of now, Nuctech has filed for over 6,000 patents at home and abroad and is the owner of over 200 software copyrights with three China Patent Gold Awards, one Industrial Design Silver Award of the China Patent Award, six Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention & Industrial Design Excellence Awards, and dozens of awards in the innovation category.