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A Major Drug Trafficking Bust Was Carried Out by Turkish Customs Using Security Inspection Equipment Made by NUCTECH

  A major drug trafficking bust was recently carried out by the Ipsala Customs under the Turkish Customs using large container/vehicle inspection equipment made by NUCTECH. The criminal gang involved in the case first dispatched a truck loaded with soybeans as the leading vehicle which passed customs after the X-ray inspection. Right after that, the gang dispatched the second vehicle which should have soybean inside according to its customs declaration form, but after the X-ray scanning conducted by the customs staff, abnormal density in some parts were shown in the X-ray image of the cargo. After a manual inspection, a total of 1,524 kilograms of marijuana in 152 jute bags surrounded by soybeans were seized, and the total worth exceeded 51 million yuan. 
  In recent years, many major smuggling busts have been carried out by the Turkish Customs with the help of large container/vehicle scanning equipment made by NUCTECH. This seizure is considered “the biggest drug bust in the history of Turkish Customs” and won praise from the Turkish Trade Minister.

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