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BX2000DA Back-Scatter Body Inspection System
NUCTECHTM BX2000DA is a high-performance and efficient people screening solution designed and manufactured by NUCTECH. It employs the advanced “dual mode” low-dose X-ray backscatter imaging technology. The NUCTECHTM BX2000DA ensures high-quality and privacy protected images while providing inspection without physical "pat down". The NUCTECHTM BX2000DA can easily find concealed objects and detect non-metal/metal weapons, IEDs and drugs hidden under or within clothing. The NUCTECHTM BX2000DA is adaptable and suitable for personal security inspections at prisons, airports, stations, Customs, borders, government offices and other safety checkpoints.
Technical Features
  • Non-contact inspection
    No special motion or turning around is required; completes whole body inspection in a short time.
  • Superior inspection capability
    Detects hidden objects under clothing, including but not limited to metal/non-metal weapons, liquid, IEDs, drugs, jewelry, cell phones, etc. The advanced “dual mode” technology enhances the ability to detect body-side objects.
  • Practical software
    Provides user-friendly GUI and easy to operate; compatible with remote operation, centralized management and mobile inspection.
  • Radiation safety
    Complies with the IAEA and ANSI N43.17 standards for bystanders and the public dose limitation.
  • Privacy protection
    Equipped with image privacy filtering function, no image is saved without permission, protects people’s privacy.
  • Automatic detection
    Locates and highlights concealed objects automatically. Enables more accurate inspections.
  • Radioactivity monitoring (RM)
    Exclusively offers radioactive material detection function.
  • Convenient maintenance
    Modular product design, key components are easy to repair and replace, saves time and labor.
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