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Key-Line Passenger Smart Checkpoint
The system has equipped with disinfection module, which can efficiently sterilize the tray used by passengers, and effectively reduce the probability of cross-infection between the passengers and staff through the tray. In addition, the system integrates with the empty tray recognition system, automatic tray return system, automatic diverter system and remote screening function, to ensure that all the passenger carry-on luggage been fully inspected under the high throughput rate, which can greatly improve the inspection efficiency.
Technical Features
  • Empty tray disinfection module:
    Using the ultraviolet technology, which can disinfect the tray at returning channel, and prevent cross-infection.
  • High throughput:
    The system equipped with the automatic tray return, automatic diverter and empty tray recognition system, etc., hourly throughput is twice as high as the regular security lane.
  • Advanced human-luggage binding module:
    Using facial recognition technology to enroll the passenger information, and binding with the luggage scanning image, to achieve the unified management of passenger information, reduce the risk of loss luggage.
  • Powerful management and interconnection function:
    The system supports the remote screening, remote diagnosis, information centralized management, etc.. And it can connect with airport security information system, master clock system, departure system, etc., to achieve the real-time sharing and management of data of each system.
  • Excellent compatibility:
    The system can be integrated with different types of CT or conventional X-ray inspection systems to accommodate different customer preference.
  • Flexible modular design:
    The system can be flexibly configured depends on site area and throughput requirement.
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