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FS Series Fast-Scan Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System
The NUCTECHTM FS0200BX Fast-Scan Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System is a fast-scan inspection system that adopts backscatter imaging technology. The Inspection System irradiates the objects to be scanned with extra-low energy level X-ray, and high sensitivity detector receives the backscattered radiation from the objects to form a scanning image. The system is capable of identifying the contrabands with low atomic number (e.g., explosives and drugs) concealed in the cargo/vehicle. The system only uses extremely low dosage of radiation, so it is safe for the driver and passengers to stay in the vehicle to be scanned. The system can be supplied with single-view, double-view, or triple-view configurations, and the size of scanning tunnel is adjustable, which makes the system suitable for inspecting various kinds of vehicles such as container truck, bus, passenger car, etc.
Technical Features
  • Backscatter Imaging: Backscatter imaging can highlight low atomic number materials (e.g. explosives and drugs), which helps the analyst to find the contrabands and dangerous goods concealed among the cargoes or in the vehicles.
  • Extra-low Radiation Dosage: Absorbed dose to driver per pass is extremely low, which makes the system suitable for scanning all kinds of vehicle in Drive-through Mode.
  • Multi-view Configuration: The Inspection System can be supplied with single-view, double-view, or triple-view configurations which can provide more information of the cargo/vehicle under inspection.
  • Easy Deployment: The Inspection System adopts self-shielding design and does not require civil work, results in a small system footprint and is easy to be deployed.
  • Multi-function Integration: The Inspection System can be integrated with various auxiliary devices including License Plate Recognition (LPR) system, Container Code Recognition (CCR) system and Radioactivity Monitor (RM), etc., hence providing comprehensive information of the goods under inspection.

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