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Mobile Container/Vehicle Inspection System
The NUCTECHTM MT Series, an innovative mobile X-ray inspection system, can provide excellent screening features such as organic/inorganic material discrimination, fast-scan and radioactivity monitoring. MT Series combines elegant design and modern appearance with flexible maneuverability and rapid deployment.
MT Series adopts a linear accelerator ranging from 4MeV to 6MeV (or 6/3MeV). MT Series can be driven independently during site transfer transportation and be deployed for use within 15 minutes. It can provide flexible scanning heights, offset scanning angle and various scanning modes such as Drive-through (DT) mode for the best operational mobility and efficiency according to customer’s requirement.
Technical Features
  • Unique mobile security solution with excellent flexibility and adaptability
  • High throughput of 20~25 units/hr in standard mode and up to 150 units/hr in DT mode
  • Small footprint without any additional infrastructure
  • Fully autonomous system with flexible scanning heights, offset scanning angle and various scanning modes
  • Function well in harsh weather conditions such as extremely cold, hot, windy, rainy or snowy
  • Advanced Interlaced Dual Energy (IDE) technology for material discrimination and
  • Fast-scan technology for high throughput

Product Model
MT1213LT  MT1213LT(D)  MT1213LH  MT1213LH(T)  MT1213LH(D)  MT1213LC  MT1213DE  MT1213DE(T)  MT1213LE

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