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MX100100D X-ray Inspection System
Product Overviews:
MX100100D - X-ray inspection system integrated with vehichle for mobile and temperary applications. It employees dual view design, images of each view will be shown on a dedicated monitor. MX100100D is ideal for mobile security inspection of baggage, luggage and parcels at airports, customs, railway stations, police stations, etc.
Technical Features:
  • Provided vertical and horizontal views. 
  • Dual-view x-ray imaging design provides more efficient identification.
  • Comfortable and suitable position of the operating cab with CCTV system, intercom system , air conditioning system,etc
  • Equipped with power generator, easy to switch between city mains and on board generator


General Specification

Tunnel Size

1000mmW× 10005mmH

Max Load


Chassis Data

Vehicle Type

Mercedes-Benz New Sprinter Van 515CDI

Fuel Tank Capacity

75 liters

Dimensions / weight

6950 (L) mm×1933 (W) mm×3150 (H) mm                           

Gross Weight


Net Weight

4400 kg~4600kg (including X-Ray inspection system)

Emission standard

Europe V




Panda 8000NE



Fuel consumption

3.29L/hFull Load

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