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Law Enforcement

As social contradictions become increasingly obvious, the situation of anti-terrorism grows severe. Violent crime and illegal acts have so frequently taken place in government departments such as the public security agencies, the courts, the procuratorate and the prisons, that huge casualties and property loss have been caused, and negative economic impact on the society have been made. In order to prevent the bombing, shooting, physical assaulting and other violent incidents, the number of security equipment keeps growing in the government departments thereof.

Nuctech concerns both national and social needs, and takes them as missions. As the main supplier of security products for Chinas judicial departments, Nuctech is committed to providing the best security solution, the most advanced products and the most qualified service to our customers. Regarding the special sensitivity of the departments thereof, the complexity of the personnel coming in, and the ever changing new menace of terrorism, Nuctech provides superb security equipment so as to keep the government departments mentioned above safe. Generally, these equipment would include but are not limited to: X-ray inspection system, human body inspection system, and explosives and narcotics trace detector.