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Research Irradiation System
The NUCTECH® IS Series of  research irradiation system can provide effective irradiation conditions, including precise irradiation dose, suitable dose range and transmission system to meet the research work about irradiation technology,such as agro-food preservation, mutation breeding, irradiation pest control irradiation experiments.
Research irradiation system includes irradiation accelerators, transmission equipments, control, and irradiation protection sub-system. System meets the needs of scientific experiments, stable and efficient, ensure the quality and ease of operation management irradiation. Professional radiation safety design ensures user and environmental safety.
Technical Features
  • Accelerator is lightweight, easy to install, stable performance, long-running (> 6000 hours / year)
  • Ensure the transmission smooth for all kinds of experimental samples and precise speed for the strict dose
  • Miniaturized and Self-shielding
  • With convenient operating system. Achieve the functions including the high simulation interface, POST, fault alarm, automatic records etc
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