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Nuctech at the Technical Meeting on Integrating Nuclear Security Applications Held by the International Atomic Energy Agency
The Technical Meeting on Integrating Nuclear Security Applications for Nuclear and Radioactive Material Out of Regulatory Control at Major Transportation Hubs (the Meeting) was held by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the State Nuclear Security Technology Center of China in Beijing from July 24th to 28th. Focusing on the best practices in addressing nuclear security challenges faced by transportation hubs and major events through regulatory control and technology, the Meeting was attended by dozens of representatives from 23 countries in person and many representatives of other member countries virtually.
On the 27th, a representative of Nuctech delivered a keynote speech entitled Comprehensive Nuclear Security Solution for Major Transportation Hubs to highlight Nuctech’s products and comprehensive solutions in nuclear security, garnering extensive attention from participants. After the speech, Nuctech’s representative attended a symposium on the application of new technologies and shared Nuctech’s interpretation of the nuclear security risks faced by transportation hubs as well as suggestions on taking technology-enabled control measures.
During the event, Nuctech’s representative also had in-depth exchanges with experts from the IAEA’s Division of Nuclear Security on the integrated application of Nuctech-developed radiation detection technology and Nuctech’s willingness to assist international nuclear security agencies in capacity building and to provide technical support. Participation in the Meeting enlightened Nuctech on business development and facilitated Nuctech’s overseas business.