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Nuctech Presents Contactless, Accurate and Efficient Passenger Security Screening Products at the International Airport Online Summit 2022

The International Airport Online Summit 2022 hosted by the International Airport Review was held from March 15 to 17, 2022. Nuctech was invited to participate in the industry case study session and shared the research results of Nuctech in contactless security screening for civil aviation. This marks the second time that Nuctech has been invited to the Summit which is one of the well-known conferences in the civil aviation sector worldwide.

Contactless, Fast, Efficient

Mr. Lin Ke from Nuctech delivered a keynote speech titled Make Travel Safe and Healthy in the session. Human body security screening is increasingly common in everyday life. In customs, civil aviation, subway, major events and other scenarios, security screening has become a must for people. With the advent of the post-pandemic era, improving safety and efficiency has become a trend in human security screening. Millimeter waves refer to electromagnetic waves with frequencies between 30 and 300 GHz. Compared with electromagnetic waves in other bands, millimeter waves are featured by being safe and harmless, strong penetration, and strong reflection off human body. The millimeter wave technology which is based on the principle of holographic imaging is quite suitable for human body security screening, and it is an advanced technology in the security sector worldwide.

Nuctech’s millimeter-wave body scanners can automatically detect metal and non-metal suspicious items concealed under clothes and on the body surface by virtue of its fast, contactless, and efficient check, minimizing the risk of virus spreading among security inspectors and passengers, and particularly improving the safety of passengers in security screening at airports during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nuctech’s millimeter-wave body scanner has obtained the Level A (top level) certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China and passed the Standard 2.1 (top standard) test of Type A organized by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) for security scanners (SSc) equipment. These body scanners are widely used in global civil aviation, customs, prisons, government agencies, major competitions and events, etc.

With the theme of “Future-Proofing Operations, Driving New Revenue Streams, and Becoming Greener & Cleaner”, the Summit brought together more than 1,000 civil aviation industry insiders from more than 200 airports in over 80 countries around the world to discuss many issues, including how to continue to develop the future strategy of airports, utilize the latest technologies and innovations, and continue to drive operational diversification to enhance business resilience.