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NUCTECH Helps Make Universal Beijing Resort a Safer Place -- All Set for Grand Opening
The long awaited and highly anticipated Universal Beijing Resort located in Tongzhou District of Beijing has started its Trial Operations on September 1st, with its Grand Opening scheduled for September 20th. The Universal Beijing Resort, which is Universal’s fifth park in the world and third park in Asia, is the largest of its kind in the world. 
As a leading security inspection solutions provider in the world, NUCTECH has provided approximately 200 sets of integrated and smart security solutions to the Universal Beijing Resort, including X-ray luggage inspection systems, personnel screening systems and FeverBlock infrared temperature screening systems deployed at over 10 locations, such as Metro Plaza, Transportation Hub, The Universal Studios Grand Hotel, Administration Office Building, Team Member Housing and Decepticoaster, etc.. Meanwhile, NUCTECH has also completed systematic integration of security screening systems and other devices, making it convenient and efficient for guest management and crowd control.

Featured by “a world-class vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics and high positioning”, the Universal Beijing Resort needs the security screening project team from NUCTECH to complete the work efficiently and effectively. NUCTECH has been working closely with Universal Beijing Resort on optimizing security inspection operation procedures, making reasonable security inspection rules and device installation layout. At the Metro Plaza, 50 sets of security inspection devices have been put in place and operation echoing with the arc-shaped overhead structure, making it a harmonious and pleasing layout.
In the preparation, installation and commissioning processes, NUCTECH project team worked hand in hand with Universal Beijing Resort’s security team day and night, rain or shine, and has successfully completed each and every task at different phases in line with the project schedule laid down by the Resort, with its strong commitment, fast response, high efficiency and more importantly the can-do spirit, making the Soft Opening on September 1st possible.

The opening of Universal Beijing Resort does not mean an end of the security screening project, and the after-sales team of NUCTECH will continue to help safeguard the Resort in its daily operations with a client-oriented approach and service principles featured by standardization, professionalism and efficiency.