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A Bylined Article Authored by Professor Chen Zhiqiang, Chairman of Nuctech, Is Published in WCO News, the Official Magazine of the World Customs Organization
Automatic Detection Tools Help With Identifying the Illicit Trade in Ivory, a bylined article authored by Professor Chen Zhiqiang, Chairman of Nuctech, was published in WCO News, the official magazine of the World Customs Organization (WCO). This marks the second time that Professor Chen has shared practices of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology in helping Customs crack down on illegal wildlife trade. Back in 2016, Professor Chen shared the application of Nuctech’s AI technology in customs inspections in WCO News for the first time.
In the article, Professor Chen started with an introduction to the alarming reality of illegal wildlife trade across the globe, especially the reality that ivory, rhino horns and other wild animal products are broken down into pieces, handicrafts and powders to evade inspections, bringing significant challenges to Customs officials in image recognition. Advances in non-intrusive inspection (NII) technology, especially computed tomography (CT) technology, make AI-based automatic detection algorithms an excellent solution to combating wildlife trafficking. Rich inspection data can efficiently train AI algorithms, make algorithms up to date to address emerging threats, help Customs officials effectively identify suspected substances, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of customs inspections.

Professor Chen emphasized on the importance of a close partnership between AI algorithm developers and clients in making full use of rich data resources and leveraging AI to tap into the potential of data. A case of Customs using Nuctech’s AI algorithms in cracking down on illicit wildlife trade was mentioned in the article.
Professor Chen concluded that “automatic detection is no longer a distant dream, but rather a current reality.” Through the incorporation of AI into NII systems, Customs holds the key to combating illicit wildlife trade.