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Nuctech’s Network-Based FlexOne Security Inspection Integration System Has Obtained the Grade 3 Certification in Accordance with the Graded Protection of Information System Security in China
Recently, Nuctech’s network-based FlexOne security inspection integration system has obtained the Grade 3 certification in accordance with the graded protection of information system security in China. This certification has proved that this product is recognized for its advanced technology, security and compliance which enable the product to meet the needs of users in customs, civil aviation and other industries for network security.
FlexOne is a networked business system developed by Nuctech Company Limited centered on NUCTECH® CT baggage/item inspection systems. The FlexOne system enables networked and centralized management and control of NUCTECH® CT baggage/item inspection systems in a local area network (LAN) through redundant networks, allowing collective maintenance and management of all objects in the system and effectively reducing costs of equipment management, operation and maintenance. This system has been widely used in airports, customs and major events in China and the rest of the world.

Nuctech has deployed network security equipment in a test environment by establishing and improving a network security management system, and optimized security policies for servers, workstations, switches, operating systems and FlexOne software, fully meeting the standards for being certified in the graded information protection system in China and the assessment criteria of authoritative testing agencies, finally making it possible for the system to obtain the Grade 3 certification in line with the graded protection of information system security in China.