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BXM2000 Handheld Backscatter
NUCTECHTM BXM2000 Handheld Inspection System is the latest handheld imaging inspection system manufactured by the NUCTECH Company Limited. It employs the backscatter X-ray imaging technology, and is capable of detecting contrabands including IEDs, metallic/non-metallic weapons, liquids, specimen of endangered species, and cash etc.
NUCTECHTM BXM2000 produces a real-time image of the scan target, highlighting organic materials that transmission X-ray systems may miss, such as explosives, currency, drugs etc.

Its compact and all-in-one design allows inspecting at hard-to-reach areas, such as interlayers of the airplane and train cabins, the floor of the cargo storages, cavities of the walls, inside the furniture, and the cavities of the doors. NUCTECHTM BXM2000 is suitable to use at checkpoints, airports, transportation stations, important facilities, big events and other locations.

Technical Features
  • Portable and flexible
    The system is a compact, single-side scanner that can be used to scan objects in hard-to-reach locations.
  • Superior inspection capability
    Effective detection of weapons, IEDs, narcotics, detectaphones and other contraband.
  • Long operating time
    Four hours per battery charge (typical, based on 25% duty cycle).
  • Practical system
    Provides high resolution and real-time images.
  • Radiation safety
    Complying with the ANSI radiation standards, it is safe for operators, bystanders and the environment. 
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