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Pedestrian & Conveyoring Baggage
RM0300NH radioavtivity monitor is a pedestrian & conveyoring baggage portal monitor system. It meets requirements of the main international standards including IEC62484 and ANSI N42.38.

Using NaI detectors and advanced muliti channel analysis, RM0300NH is capable of identifying different kinds of radionuclides. Continuous background radiation level update and advanced self-calibration and gain stabilition technology ensure accuracy of detection results.

A friendly user interface is offered for easy operation. It provides a passive, non-intrusive means to check luggage for the presence and nuclide identification of radioactive materials and can be widely applied in the field against illicit nuclear trafficking. Neutron detectors can be offered as options.

Type of Gamma detector

NaI scintillator

Detection Zone

1m (W) x 1m (H)

Standard passing speed


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