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TR1000DB-A Handheld Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detector
Product Overviews:
TR1000DB-A - Handheld explosives and narcotics trace detector. Providing high sensitive and selective performance in both negative and positive ions detection simultaneously, from a single sample and fully collecting ionized molecules. It is used to pinpoint the presence and type of trace substances of a wide range of explosives and narcotics.
Technical Features:
  • Reliable on-site trace detection technique
  • Dual mode IMS technique, and can detect explosives and narcotics simultaneously without module changing and mode switching
  • Fast detection and self-cleaning performance.
  • Low consumables cost for both operating and maintenance.
  • Detect nanogram level
  • Light weight and portable


General Specifications

Technology Principle

Ion Mobility Spectrometry, IMS

Warm-up Time

30 minutes typical

Installation Data






4 hours

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