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Fully Automatic Trace Sampling and Vapor Detection -- NUCTECH Presents Its New Technology at the Annual Conference of the International Society for Ion Mobility Spectrometry (ISIMS)
Nuctech’s expert team on explosives trace detection technology recently attended the 2021 annual conference of the International Society for Ion Mobility Spectrometry (ISIMS). At the conference, Changzhuo (Alex) Chen from Nuctech highlighted the newly developed fully automatic trace explosives sampling and explosives vapor detection technology, and its commercial application prospects.
A New Concept, A New Technology, A New Way
The innovative automatic trace sampling and explosives vapor detection technology will completely overthrow the manual sampling method of traditional trace detection systems. The fully automatic trace explosives sampling technology uses automatic mechanical swabbing instead of manual sample extraction, which can complete the detection within seconds, making unmanned detection possible while shortening the processing time of the traditional detection workflow. The explosives vapor detection technology which uses inhalation gas sampling is able to collect explosives molecules in the air and complete the detection fast, making the traditional contact swabbing detection method outdated. Based on the state-of-art technology, Nuctech has developed intelligent channel gates equipped with an explosives detection function and portable explosives sniffing system which enables gas and particle detection. The new concept of “unattended” detection fully echoes the “four types of airports” development idea proposed by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the “smart security” concept proposed by the Airports Council International, and fuels the technological integration in civil aviation security in the future.
Focusing on Trace Detection Technologies
As a leading global security screening solution provider, Nuctech always pursues innovation-driven development and has developed different types of security screening products to meet the needs of diversified application scenarios. In the field of trace explosives contraband detection, Nuctech is able to detect nano-gram (10-9 grams) explosives residue particles or vapor on the surface of passengers, luggage and cargo based on trace detection technologies such as ion mobility spectroscopy (IMS) and complete the detection within seconds. With such efforts, Nuctech is committed to making the best detector in security screening.
Up to now, Nuctech’s trace explosives detection systems and products have been widely used in many fields such as civil aviation, customs, border control, railway and transit, public security and judiciary systems, postal logistics, and large-scale events, etc. More than 10,000 sets of Nuctech’s trace explosives detection systems have been deployed in over 40 countries worldwide.
The first conference of the International Society for Ion Mobility Spectrometry (ISIMS) was held in the United States in 1992, meaning that 30 annual conferences have been consecutively held. The ISIMS is a definitive international conference on ion mobility technology, providing a platform for universities/research institutes, manufacturers, and governments to promote the application of ion mobility spectrometry, to popularize education on ion mobility spectrometry, and to enhance technical communication among multiple parties. It has become a tradition that the conference is held alternately in Europe and North America, and the International Journal for Ion Mobility Spectrometry is published on a regular basis.