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Nuctech Secured 1 Gold Award and 3 Silver Awards at Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions
From April 17th to 21st, 2024, the 49th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions was successfully held in Switzerland, attracting more than 1,000 invention projects from nearly 40 countries and regions. Nuctech showcased four technological achievements at the exhibition. After a careful appraisal by the exhibition's Expert Review Committee, the company was awarded one gold and three silver medals.
The high-throughput intelligent energy spectrum CT inspection system for baggage & parcels won a gold award. The robot-like cargo and vehicle inspection system, the backscatter inspection robot, and the intelligent patrol inspection robot won the silver awards.
The gold award winner, the high-throughput intelligent energy spectrum CT inspection system for baggage & parcels, also won the "Outstanding Innovation Award". These accomplishments thoroughly validate the technological ingenuity and proficiency of Nuctech.
Gold Award: High-throughput intelligent energy spectrum CT inspection system for baggage & parcels
The high-throughput intelligent energy spectrum CT inspection system for baggage & parcels leverages a new CT imaging model founded on an ultra-short arc source probe structure. This system achieves technological innovations in energy spectrum CT imaging theory, core components, imaging systems, and inspection technology. The successful development of this system enables online, real-time, and effective checks of an extensive range of small and scattered parcel goods. It provides a practical solution for cross-border logistics supervision.
Silver award: Robot-like cargo and vehicle inspection system
The robot-like cargo and vehicle inspection system adopts intelligent wheel drive technology. It allows for precise trajectory control and supports a variety of operation modes, including dual-sided scanning and continuous scanning across multiple rows. Its design features a foldable structure that enables the whole system to be easily relocated and swiftly deployed at a new site. The system's flexible nature allows for usage in diverse locations like seaports, land ports, airports, and more.
Silver award: Backscatter inspection robot
The backscatter inspection robot ingeniously integrates the backscatter imaging system with an intelligent driving platform for heavy-duty lifting. It represents a breakthrough in combining high-speed flying spot X-ray machines and composite high-sensitivity backscatter detectors. Operated by a remote inspection control terminal, the robot can deliver uninterrupted and omnidirectional automatic scanning as well as real-time high-quality imaging in various movement modes.
Silver award: Intelligent patrol inspection robot
The intelligent patrol inspection robot can independently patrol designated key areas while transmitting surveillance footage and anomaly detections to security personnel's computers. The robot is designed to efficiently carry out basic, repetitive, and hazardous tasks. It can effectively reduce security costs while delivering detailed risk alerts. It is applicable in various settings such as public security, airports, train stations, and major events.
As of now, Nuctech has been honored with four gold awards and seven silver awards at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.
Nuctech consistently advocates for a development strategy fueled by innovation and proactively manages intellectual property rights to safeguard its technological innovations. Its mission is to keep delivering safe, intelligent, and efficient security inspection solutions across various industries worldwide. Looking forward, Nuctech intends to deepen its international partnerships and drive the real-world application of its scientific and technological achievements through an innovative "Industry-Academia-Research-Application" collaboration framework. By providing technical solutions that can meet the security inspection demands of users in diverse scenarios, the company aims to contribute towards a better and safer world.