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A research project on a high-power backward-traveling-wave irradiation system jointly initiated by Nuctech, Tsinghua University, and another institution successfully passes the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements.
The research on 10MeV/24kW High-power backward-traveling-wave irradiation system and key technologies jointly completed by Nuctech, Tsinghua University, and Tongweixinda successfully passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal organized by the Chinese Nuclear Society on January 18, 2024.
Based on a presentation from the project team, Q&As, and internal discussions, the evaluation panel concluded that this technological achievement had significantly improved the efficiency and automation of the electron beam irradiation system, enabling notable economic, social, and application benefits.
Electron beam irradiation sterilization is an efficient and environmentally friendly processing technology widely used in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food packaging materials, etc. This technology adopts high-energy electron beams to quickly penetrate the surface of objects and destroy the DNA of microorganisms to enable sterilization. Electron beam irradiation is characterized by a high processing speed, a small rise in temperature, and an ability to process solid and liquid products while leaving no residue.

One of the significant benefits of electron beam irradiation sterilization is its environmental friendliness. Compared with conventional chemical sterilization, e-beam sterilization does not involve any chemicals, so it does not produce harmful waste and has little environmental impact. In addition, the flexibility and efficiency of this technology make it ideal for handling a wide range of sensitive products, especially in medical devices and food safety.

An integrated processing system powered by this technology has been put into use by many companies. With outstanding performance and strength in improving operational efficiency, processing quality, and refined management, the system will further drive the development of the irradiation processing sector while providing solid technical support for sustainable development.