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Nuctech obtains compliance management system and anti-bribery management system certifications.
Nuctech recently obtained the GB/T 35770-2022/ISO 37301:2021 compliance management system certification and ISO 37001:2016 anti-bribery management system certification.
To prepare for the certification, the Corporate Management Department and Legal Affairs Department of Nuctech made continuous efforts to ensure all documents, business processes, and systems meet certification standards. The joint efforts of relevant departments and business divisions made it possible for Nuctech to obtain the above two certifications within half a year.
The compliance and anti-bribery management systems of Nuctech are established following relevant codes, laws, regulations, and industry standards on compliance and anti-bribery as well as its own needs for corporate management. The audit and certification conducted by an external authoritative certification body have shown that Nuctech’s compliance management system and anti-bribery management system are recognized for meeting relevant requirements. Given the complex and stringent regulatory compliance requirements and fierce market competition in China and across the world, these two certifications are a testament to Nuctech’s compliance management capabilities that meet international standards. These two certifications help Nuctech build and maintain trust in its cooperation with Chinese and international business partners, and enhance its reputation and market competitiveness.
As Nuctech goes global, it will continue to align its compliance and anti-bribery management to Chinese and international codes. Nuctech will continue to improve its compliance and anti-bribery management systems, further reinforce the “three lines of defense” in compliance management, optimize compliance management approaches through innovation, and raise the effectiveness of compliance management, so as to drive high-quality growth of the company.