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“Together for a Sustainable Eco-future”, a Bylined Article Authored by Professor Chen Zhiqiang, Chairman of Nuctech, Is Published in Border Security Report
Recently, a bylined article -- Together for a Sustainable Eco-future -- authored by Professor Chen Zhiqiang, Chairman of Nuctech, was published in Border Security Report, a well-known magazine in the border security industry, explaining the harm and challenges posed by illegal wildlife trade and how to adopt advanced technology to empower Customs in law enforcement and help Customs safeguard boarders and contribute to an eco-future.
Professor Chen points out that illegal wildlife trade is one of the four most lucrative illegal trades in the world, and that it has caused devastating impacts on biodiversity and the eco-system while making it increasingly important to combat illegal wildlife trade. With the huge flow of people and goods across borders, the customs across the world using traditional law enforcement methods in detecting and fighting smuggled goods are facing severe challenges. In particular, with e-commerce picking up momentum around the globe during the pandemic, low-value consignments are flooding across borders, creating more opportunities for smugglers and other criminals. Leveraging advanced technologies, Customs can effectively detect, interrupt and stop the wildlife smuggling at border crossings or critical points in the supply chain.
As mentioned by Professor Chen, Customs and the security industry are actively embracing emerging technologies and are committed to leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology into wildlife detection. The application of automatic detection of ivory and its worked products has proven to be highly successful for years. With expansive image training, the AI technology integrated into CT scanners can now easily pinpoint tiny beads of ivory in baggage, helping Customs effectively fight against smuggling. In addition, AI also allows Customs to unleash the full potential of their legacy systems and equipment, expand the detection scope and enhance detection capability, maximizing the return on their investments in equipment.
The article concludes that AI as a booster shot for inspection systems can upskill the Customs officers to better address the illegal wildlife trade and contribute to building a bright eco-future.
For years, Nuctech has been upholding the principle of pursuing sustainable development, actively promoting the progress of CT, AI and other technologies, and developing high-tech, diverse and customized products and services to help Customs effectively identify suspicious items of all kinds and improve Customs inspection efficiency. The solutions provided by Nuctech have made great contribution to Customs in seizures of many types of smuggled wildlife and products.
Border Security Report is a well-known magazine in the global border security industry, delivering industry and agency news and developments, as well as in-depth features and analysis to over 32,000 border agencies, industry professionals, policymakers and practitioners worldwide.