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Nuctech Made It to the List of Exemplary IoT Projects 2021
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China recently released the List of Exemplary Internet of Things (IoT) Projects 2021, and Nuctech’s IoT-based Smart Security Inspection Application Pilot Project was included as an exemplary project of technological integration, application and innovation.
With the scale of transportation and personnel flow growing in China, the passenger/traveler security inspection is facing skyrocketing pressure and significant challenges in densely populated places, such as airports, ports, passenger transport terminals, railway stations, and subways.
To address pain points in security inspection, Nuctech launched its IoT-based Smart Security Inspection Application Pilot Project to improve image recognition in security inspection by combining the IoT with artificial intelligence (AI), integrating the IoT with equipment, algorithms, platforms and services. Through innovations in technology and operation model, Nuctech has developed a new generation of IoT-based security inspection system featured by the integration of “terminal devices, edge computing, cloud platforms, AI and application systems”, making the technical architecture of security inspection more up-to-date while making this project an innovative and exemplary practice in the application of AI in security inspection.
This project has been implemented at subway stations, airports and in some other industries as well. It can also be implemented in more industries such as postal services, logistics, and major events in the future to continuously improve the recognition rate in the smart detection of hazardous articles that pose threats to public security, reduce the false alarm rate, and enhance the overall efficiency of security inspections, paving the way for the development of smart cities and contributing to a smart security inspection ecosystem in a new era.
In November 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China initiated the solicitation of applications for exemplary IoT project selection, with a view to implementing the Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035, as well as the Three-Year Action Plan for the New Infrastructure of the Internet of Things (2021-2023), giving full play to the role of new infrastructure of the IoT in promoting the development of the digital economy and enabling the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.