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Dr. Chen Zhiqiang, Chairman of Nuctech, on Combating Pandemic, Embracing Emerging Technologies, and Driving Sustainable Development of Global Air Cargo Industry
In order to promote aviation security and facilitation, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) actively advocates the sharing of innovative practices and the spread of advanced concepts. Dr. Chen Zhiqiang, Chairman of Nuctech, was recently invited to an exclusive interview with ICAO TV, the official digital media platform of ICAO. Dr. Chen during the interview elaborated on Nuctech’s development history and innovator’s DNA, and introduced Nuctech’s advanced practices in helping airports combat COVID-19 pandemic, improve passenger experience and facilitate the flow of air cargo, with a view to expediting the recovery of aviation industry.
According to Dr. Chen Zhiqiang, over the past 20+ years, Nuctech has always been pursuing innovation-driven and market-oriented development, focusing on addressing emerging security challenges. While the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging around the world, Nuctech has been closely monitoring the changing market trends, conducted research and development by working with clients based on actual business needs of clients, and has quickly rolled out a series of anti-pandemic products, covering temperature measurement, disinfection and isolation, as well as industry solutions, including temperature measurement cameras, quarantine systems, isolation and testing cabins, all-round automatic cold chain disinfection systems, intelligent travel inspection and sterilization channels, pandemic control robots, etc., aiming to help clients worldwide combat the pandemic.
Nuctech is also actively exploring and embracing emerging technologies, using AI-empowered security inspection technologies to improve inspection capabilities and enhance convenience, comfort and safety in passenger trips in the post-pandemic era. Faced with the pressure brought by threatened global supply chains, Nuctech has successfully developed CT inspection systems for air cargo containers and has started production at the International Cargo Centre Shenzhen (ICCS). The system will disrupt the traditional air cargo inspection mode and complete the handover of cargo without splitting cargo plates or containers, greatly improving the efficiency of cargo security inspection and promoting the secure and efficient development of air cargo industry. In addition, Nuctech is the first organization in the world that has successfully developed a static luggage/cargo CT inspection system based on carbon nanotube cold cathodes-enabled distributed X-ray sources. This system is featured by high inspection speed, a bigger channel, and light weight. It is easier to deploy this system in baggage security screening lines in civil aviation, and it can further improve the efficiency of airport baggage inspection and contribute to the sustainable development of global air cargo industry.
CT inspection system for air cargo containers

Static luggage/cargo CT inspection system based on carbon nanotube cold cathodes-enabled distributed X-ray sources
At the end of the interview, Dr. Chen Zhiqiang called on the global civil aviation industry to leverage the cooperation and dialogue platform established by ICAO to stimulate innovation and cope with possible future crises more effectively through dialogue and exchanges among public institutions, enterprises and academia, and contribute to the ongoing recovery of the global aviation industry.