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Embracing Intelligence, Nuctech is Included in the “Smart-Manufacturing Demonstration Plants of China 2021” List
Nuctech’s production base was recently included in the “Smart-Manufacturing Demonstration Plants and Scenarios of Excellence of China 2021” List jointly released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and other Chinese government authorities as the Smart-Manufacturing Demonstration Plant of Security Inspection Equipment by virtue of its digital process design, human-machine collaboration, smart production lines and scenario integration. This marks another national-level recognition received by Nuctech for its intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading after being named to the MIIT’s list of Industrial Internet Platform Innovation Pilot Applications and the list of Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmark Enterprises.
Since 2017, from a pulsating production line of cargo/vehicle inspection systems to the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the whole process of security inspection product manufacturing, Nuctech has adopted advanced intelligent manufacturing technologies and established an intelligent production base for security inspection products featuring high efficiency, flexibility, agile response, human-machine collaboration and dynamic scheduling, focusing on such key areas as process design, planning and scheduling, production operations, quality control, equipment management, supply chain management, warehousing and logistics. Against the backdrop of industrial intelligence and digitalization, Nuctech has been proactively embracing and implementing intelligent manufacturing.
As a leading security inspection solution provider worldwide, Nuctech has established an MRC cloud platform that connects Nuctech’s production bases worldwide based on its independently developed model focusing on modular, rapid and customized production, paving the way for the R&D design, manufacturing coordination, and adoption of same standards and quality. In terms of informatization, PDM, MES and ERP systems have been introduced, making integrated application of multiple systems possible. As for the intelligent production of core components, intelligent production lines of accelerators and detectors have been put into operation. At the product assembly stage, the existing pulsating production line and material distribution, coupled with information systems as well as AGV and RFID technologies, have made seamless operation of logistics, information flow and document flow possible, which in turn has greatly improved the production efficiency and effectiveness in final assembly.
Pivoting from traditional production to intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading, Nuctech has reduced costs and improved efficiency in the manufacturing of security inspection products, and the inventory turnover rate of semi-finished goods and raw materials has been greatly improved. Nuctech will continue to drive the intelligent and digital upgrade of manufacturing to enable global smart factory management, efficient global supply chain management and agile global planning, and help partners in the entire industry chain enhance their value.