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Chen Zhiqiang, Chairman of NUCTECH -- Providing Advanced Technologies to Help Global Civil Aviation Address Challenges
COVID-19 has put air freight industry under the spotlight. With strong demands driven by vaccine transportation and e-commerce boom, the industry is making progress on the road to recovery. Under such circumstances, Prof. Chen Zhiqiang, Chairman of NUCTECH, in an exclusive interview with Airport Business, a media outlet under Airports Council International (ACI), shared NUCTECH’s insight on the recovery of air freight industry.
According to Prof. Chen, both security inspection equipment manufacturers and the aviation industry are facing challenges in terms of security and efficiency. On one hand, it is vital to safeguard the transportation of vaccines and medical supplies to save hundreds of millions of lives across the world. On the other hand, stopping the spread of the virus to protect the health and safety of air freight professionals is also critical to keep the business and the whole industry running. As a response to the ICAO’s requirements for security and safety, NUCTECH has provided a series of targeted solutions in security screening, disinfection, sterilization and digitization, with an aim to help airlines and air cargo carriers worldwide improve security and efficiency.
According to Prof. Chen, advanced air cargo inspection increases operation efficiency, reduces contact between personnel and cargo, and thus protects the safety of team members. For this purpose, NUCTECH has developed CTitan which can directly scan bulk cargo such as airline pallets and airline containers, and CT-type luggage inspection system for fast and accurate scanning of loose packages. Combined with WEKNOW intelligent image analyzers equipped with an automatic detection algorithm, these systems can make it easier for image analysis personnel to identify threats in complicated air cargo containers, effectively reduce the rate of false alarms and the frequency of opening packages, thus reducing the risk of personnel exposure to virus.
AI-based digital solutions optimize resource allocation and reduce operational costs, and this is particularly critical to the airlines industry which is hit hard by the pandemic and poor cash flow.
Prof. Chen Zhiqiang also mentioned that the aviation industry needs to adopt effective strategies to curb the spread of the virus in order to recover from the pandemic as soon as possible. Currently, transnational air cargo, especially cold chain transportation, still suffers from a high risk of virus infection. To this end, NUCTECH launched an all-round multi-mode spray disinfection system in July 2020 to quickly sterilize air cargo and protect the security of the supply chain.
Prof. Chen emphasized that with the development of the air cargo market, the air freight industry is expected to become an important engine for the recovery of the civil aviation industry in the post-pandemic era. NUCTECH is committed to providing advanced technologies to help the global civil aviation industry better cope with challenges, creating a safer and more efficient air cargo process, and effectively helping the industry recover and grow.