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Major Busts of Drug Trafficking Across Borders Were Carried Out by the Lithuanian Police on the Lithuanian-Belarusian Border and Lithuanian-Polish Border with the Help of Equipment Made by NUCTECH
  Not long ago, with the help of large container/vehicle scanning equipment made by NUCTECH, the Lithuanian border police seized drugs on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border and Lithuanian-Polish border respectively.
  On the Lithuanian-Belarusian border, drugs hidden under the bed floor of a truck to be transported from Morocco to Russia by a drug trafficking gang were seized while crossing the Lithuanian border. The 1.5 tons of smuggled marijuana is worth about 20 million euros.
  On the Lithuanian-Polish border, the Lithuanian Customs spotted a suspicious plate-less SUV and immediately ordered the driver to stop the car at the vehicle checkpoint. After the check, 3.7 kg of cocaine and 25 kg of marijuana hidden under the bottom panel of the car were found. The drugs have a net worth of 620,000 euros. After that, the border police found that the plate-less SUV was a smuggled vehicle worth 100,000 euros.
  NUCTECH products’ contribution to the seizure of drugs in two smuggling cases was greatly appreciated by the Lithuanian police, and won a lot of favorable response from society. It reflected the high technical standards and excellent quality of NUCTECH products, and has also established a good reputation for NUCTECH to explore the market in the Baltics.
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